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CLC Genomics Workbench can now be accessible from remote users. Remote user can get license from our server and submitted the job on cluster using CLC Genomics Workbench or they can submit the job on own Local System. Remote user can import/export data through CLC-BIO Software.



Step by Step guide: how to Install and Configure the License of CLC-BIO Workbench

Some requirements that are mandatory for accessing the CLC-Bio Software.

1. First User need to be created a user account for CLC-Bio Software from System Administrator through sending mail only. system administrator

2. User need to download CLC-Genomics Workbench version 11.0.1 only and installed on Local workstation download here.-- (64 bit)

3. For accessing the License Server & CLC-Server-Login details user need to define the license server for that you have to contact system administrator

4. For connecting with the CLC-Server user need to define the CLC-Server-Login details with using the username that are provided by system administrator.

5. After doing all these setting remote user can import/export data and run the job on the cluster.




-CABin Team, IASRI