Breed identification is needed to trace origin of breed product and also in rationalization of conservation programmes. The non-descriptive and admixture populations which are very often challenging can also be evaluated in priority setting of conservation programme. Every breed is an unique combination of genes evolved in response to a geo-climate along with adaptation of gene pool in a given ecological niches. The breed identification started with tattooing of animal and also with ear tags etc. Attempts were also made to use blood group and protein markers to identify the breed but none were successful.

DNA markers paved the way of forensic identification of the breed.Today well defined breed descriptors often declared by Breed Societies or Statutory Bodies are used to categories breed. These phenotypic descriptors have limitations as they cannot be used to identify semen, ova, embryo or a breed product. More over these phenotypic descriptors cannot predict breed in admixture or so called non-descriptive population.

STR markers has been used to identify domestic animal breed in large number of studies however we found the challenging limitations  viz. reference data availability, need of relative larger number of loci and  complexity of computation. Lack of reference data availability adds cost addition as each time one has to genotype all potential/suspected breeds in question.

We present here a novel model approach for breed identification of using test data of 8 cattle breeds. This methodology can be used for more number of breeds/countries to have the advantage of less genotyping cost as reference data obviates the cost of genotyping each time. This novel approach can be used for all flora and fauna for variety, breed or strain/line identification. Web server based computation makes this approach much user friendly and Operating System independent.



Collaborative Institutions


Anand Agricultural University,
Anand : 388110. Gujarat


Institute of Microbial Technology
Sector-39 A, Chandigarh-160036


Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
Library Avenue, PUSA, New Delhi 110012


Citation: Jaiswal, Sarika, Dhanda, Sandeep Kumar, Iquebal, M.A., Arora, Vasu, Shah, Tejas M., Angadi, U.B., Joshi, Chaitanya G., Raghava, Gajendra P.S., Rai, Anil and Kumar, Dinesh (2016). BIS-CATTLE: A Web Server for Breed Identification using Microsatellite DNA Markers. (

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