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Nature has evolved different approaches for resolving imbalances in its environment and microorganisms serves as one of the best tools of nature to remove toxic pollutants and this process is termed Bioremediation. Metagenomics is one of the best technological upgradation to bioremediation. Incorporation of metagenomics into environmental monitoring campaigns will facilitate to assess and predict the impact of the anthropogenic pressure on microbial biodiversity in various ecosystems in a better manner.

XenmetaDB includes genes/enzymes involved in degradation of pesticides and other xenobiotics. These genes and their corresponding pathways are identified from metagenomes of different crop rhizospheres. Screening for genes engaged in the pesticide and xenobiotics degradation in environmental sequence data could offer added understanding of how microbes survive with high levels of toxicants, and will assist in search of biotechnologically important detoxification genes.

Apart from identification of genes/enzymes and pathways involved in Xenobiotics degradation, focus was also given over genes and pathways related to metabolism of aromatic componds, as aromatic compounds represents major building block and intermediary compound in degradation process of numerous xenobiotics.