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Simple sequence repeats, also known as microsatellites or simple tandem repeats (STRs), are broadly utilized as molecular markers for varied purposes, e.g. genome characterization, genome mapping and diversification. They are also exploited for their role in gene regulation and genome evolution extensively. Microsatellites have been effectively utilized for identification of genetic diversity and inspection of species differentiation and population structure in different Fusarium species. Genetic diversity in different Fusarium species are also assessed by microsatellites designed for related Fusarium species.

We have developed FusariumSSRDB, an online relational database of microsatellites present in the whole genome sequence of 14 different Fusarium species. FuasriumSSRDB provides information about microsatellites of both kinds, i.e. perfect (mono- to hexa-nucleotide) and compound in each Fusarium species. For each of the SSR identified, primers are also provided along with the related information.