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Bioinformatics is the application of computational techniques to the management and analysis of biological information. The term was coined to encompass computer applications in biological sciences but is now used to mean rather different things, from artificial intelligence and robotics to genome analysis.

BioInfoKnowledgeBase is a database dedicated to bioinformatics. In last few decades, Bioinformatics has bring revolution in biological science research and transformed it in Digital information from Analog information existing with the organisms. This database provides information about a variety of tools used in different kinds of analyses. It attempts to cover all the aspects of bioinformatics along with providing a snapshot of computation involved in it.

Furthermore, this database also provides information about various other databases available in other fields. This database is dedicated to all the scientists and researchers involved in the field of Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biology.

Basically, BioInfoKnowledgeBase covers two fields, Tools i.e. softwares available for various kinds of bioinformatics analyses and Databases, developed in various areas. In detail they contains.........

1. Softwares: This Section provides information about various tools and softwares according to different areas of compuational and biological research, in which they are used.

2. Databases: This Section includes information about various biological databases such as organism-specific databases, network and pathway databases and other popular databases.

This database provides information about 1000 bioinformatics softwares, which are grouped according to their categories. Similarly in case of databases more than 100 entries are available.